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Austin Throw Blankets

Austin Throw Blankets

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This Turkish blanket - highly absorbent, light weight with a beautiful, elegant stripe design. This piece is so versatile, our clients use it as a towel, throw blanket, at yoga, travel, and on the lake or ocean + boating


Hand-loomed in Turkey. All fringes are knotted by hand. Unlike most towels, Turkish cotton goods get softer + more luscious the more you wash + use it. Before use, soak towel in cold water overnight and hang to dry. This allows the cotton fibers to bloom and will condition your towel to reach its maximum absorbency.

Why do I need to soak my towels before using them? Natural cotton needs to be trained to be absorbent. By soaking the towels, you are giving the cotton a jumpstart that is equivalent to repeated washings. After that, each machine wash will make them softer and more absorbent.


Washing in the machine at 30°. Tumble dry medium or hang to dry. Do not over dry. Tip: if you every over-dry your towels and notice a decrease in absorbency, simply repeat soaking process outlined above. No bleach or fabric softener.

Why don’t I need to put fabric softener on the towels? Fabric softeners actually coat the natural fibers making them less absorbent! Your towels may smell great but over time, you are stopping the fibers from doing their work.



*Sustainably Made

Made in Turkey


-recycled brass

-nickel free


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